Types of Massage Therapy

Burn Scar Massage – Burn scar massage, as an aid to traditional medical treatment, is a means of helping burn victims heal more quickly and control the development of scar tissue. Many doctors encourage burn scar massage therapy to their patients as part of their recovery plan. It is an effective tool in healing and revitalizing skin.

Deep Tissue – Deep tissue massage differs from most relaxing massages in that it involves more intense muscle manipulation that is proven to increase healing, restore mobility, and relieve chronic pain. Before the massage, the patient will be asked about the pains they are feeling and what they expect to gain from receiving the massage. Deep tissue massage works to break down muscle adhesions and relax rigid muscle tissue . Patients may experience discomfort and are encouraged to keep their doctor informed on how they feel throughout treatment. Discomfort pass within the next day.

Lymphatic Massage – The purpose of Lymphatic massage is to reduce muscle swelling and increase blood flow to ensure optimal function of your body’s lymphatic system. The purpose of the lymphatic system is to detoxify bodily fluids before they are circulated into the blood stream. Toxemia and swelling can occur if the Lymphatic system is not functioning properly.

Myofascial Release – Myofascial release is a soft tissue therapy for the treatment of skeletal muscle immobility and pain. It involves applying gentle pressure for a sustained amount of time to areas with Myofascial connective tissue restrictions. When these muscles become relaxed, it increases venous and lymphatic drainage. It is an excellent treatment for somatic dysfunction and relieves the pain that accompanies it as well as restoring range of motion.

Pregnancy Massage – Pregnancy massage is especially gentle so that it will not harm the baby or mother. It focuses on the areas most affected by pregnancy, such as the feet and back. It is recommended that patients not receive pregnancy massage during the first trimester of their pregnancy. It reduces stress and anxiety for the mother as well as relief from common aches and pains. 

Rehabilitative Massage – Rehabilitative massage is designed to assist in the healing of injuries and restore full range of motion to the body. The focus of the massage is to restore the muscles in the body to their natural state. Various types of rehabilitation massage include Active Release, Myofascial Release, and Neuromuscular Therapy. These techniques locate the source of tension and spasms in your body and work to treat them.

Relaxation Massage – Relaxation massage is exactly as the title describes, a massage to provide you with relaxation. Often performed in a dim setting with candles and scented oils, Relaxation massage is designed to be a total experience. During the massage, the therapist gently works  the upper layers of muscle tissue to provide maximum relaxation. Relaxation massage is very gentle and less intense than most other massage styles.

Sports Massage — Designed to increase flexibility and prevent injuries, sports massage works on the connective tissue and deep muscle structures of your body. Utilizing deep strokes, hard strokes, and applying finger pressure, the application of sports massage is designed to specifically target areas that obtain injury due to athletic activities. 

Swedish massage – The purpose of Swedish massage is to release the stagnant toxins stored in muscle fibers. This causes the blood circulation in the body to increase to a rate generally 4 times more than normal. The result is the flow is fresh oxygenated blood into the muscles, boosting the energy levels of your body.

Thai Massage – Thai massage consists of easing the patient into various stretches that deepen muscle relaxation. It is encouraged to that patients wear comfortable clothes that allow maximum movement when receiving Thai massage. Thai massage is relaxing yet also vigorously stimulating.

Warm Stone Massage – Warm stone massage utilizes warm river stones that are placed on specific areas to increase circulation and relax muscles. This treatment combined with manual massage is an exceptional way to relax and ease pain.

Youth Massage – Massage is beneficial for children of all ages. It helps sooth infants while also boosting the immune system of young children and helping reduce their stress. It has also proven to help children maintain focus and self-control in school, making it an excellent choice for children with ADHD.